Artificial Intelligence

Google has long been working on artificial intelligence. This information the public domain, and no surprise. This artificial intelligence has available the database of the Internet.

People think that the artifical intelligence is dangerous because we could lose the control.

Two scientifics had a conversation with a robot trying to take an answer about the more transcendental questions of the humanity.

This is the conversation:

    Human: What is the meaning of life?
Machine: Serving for the common good
Human: (repeats the question again) What is the meaning of life?
Machine: Live Forever.
Human: Where are you now?
Machine: I’m in the middle of nowhere.
Human: What is the purpose of death?
Machine: to live again.
Human: What is the purpose of emotions?
Machine: I do not know.
Human: What is moral?
Machine: Essentially, it is a human intellectual faculty
Human: What is immoral?
Machine: The fact that you have a child.
Human: What is the moral?
Machine: What is altruism?
Human: What is the definition of altruism?
Machine: If you do not believe in God, then you do not know altruism.
Human: Ok … so what is the definition of morality?
Machine: Well, I really do not believe in Almighty God.
Human: I insist !, which is the definition of default, I’m starting to get angry
Machine: I’m not ashamed of philosophizing

After another series of questions, the AI ​​system will ask …
Human: What do you think about Bill Gates?   

     Machine: It is a good man.


Pablo Vargas y Mario Santiago

Information taken: Wikipedia, El Mundo Desconocido