The Zika Virus

This virus receives his name from the place when it was first dicovered, the forests of Zika, Uganda.

As said before it is a virus, type arbovirus (transmitted by arthropods) from the genre flavivirus.

It recently has come to the front pages because its recent propagation all over latin america and some parts of Africa, infecting thousands of people. However it is only dangerous for pregnant women and their babies.

Common symptoms

The most common ones are little fever and skin hives, appearing 12 days from the mosquito sting. Sometimes, headache can appear followed by vomit, although according to a research by The New England (click here to read it) only 1 of 4 infected show these symptoms.

They are very difficult to detect due to the ordinary of them, and also because they are linked to some cases of Dengue or Chikungunya.

There are no Zika vaccines in advanced development, although a number of existing flavivirus vaccine platforms could presumably be adapted for this year, said the WHO; so to prevent it the only thing we can do so far is to avoit travelling to countries with a high risk of infection and staying away from stagnant water or jungles where mosquitos can be found.


Carlos Alemany and Alvaro Molina.









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