Werner K. Heisenberg (Nobel physics prize in the year 1932)

He was a German physicist, who won the physics nobel price in the year 1932 thanks to his teory: “The Uncertainty Principle” about the quantum physics.


What is it about?

First you need to know that we are going to talk about atomic and subatomic particles:

The uncertainty principle maintains that we aren’t able to know the thrully speed and movement of a determined particle, because; when light is applied to it , the light rebounds on the particle, modifying the paremeters of speed and movement. In conclussion, if we want to know the speed and movement of a concrete particle and we apply some light on it, the parameters might be different to the ones that we’d obtain if we have done this in complete obscurity.

It can also be applied to energy and time.

Here you can see the two ways os formulating it.



Why is this important?

Because it shows us that we cannot measure speeds and movement of particles with a precise measurement, meaning that it is impossible to be 100% sure.

Well, let’s continue with Heisenberg’s history; he was the one leading the nazi proyect for developing an atomic bomb, as he was the only important physicist that wasn’t jude. He had big problems to develop atomic technologies because he couldn’t use the Schrödinger’s formulation because it was a jude thing, so he had to develop hes own one, that was by far, much more complex than the “common one”. He wanted to dedicate his life to pure mathematics but because of the context where he was living (WWII) he had to start investigating on physics; he invented, with Born and Jordan the matricial quantic mechanics.

He has a very courious history because he had to help the nazi regime investigating how to built an atomic bomb, but he commited an error that made the germans discart the bomb, seeing it as an unfeasible proyect, some people say that was made intentionally, but we are never going to know the truth.


I’ve chosen this physic because I like the fact that changed the course of history by his decisions and also , he managed to survive in a very hostile country, wich I’ve found really bravely.

His name his also know because the main character of the Tv series Breaking Bad takes his name as a nickname for himself



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