Premio Nobel de Medicina 1984

The fifthteenth October 1984, scientists such as Georges J.F Khöler (German), Niels K.Jerne (Danish) and Cesar Milstein were the winners of the nobel prize.

Cesar Milsteins was a bioquemist from Argentina with British nationality who received the prize thanks to his investigation and development with monoclonal antibodies, which are homogeneus antibodies created by a hybrid cells resulting from fusing B type lymphocytes clones descandants from a unique mother cell and a tumoural plasma cell.

His research was crucial for the right development of investigative biomedicine y it’s clinical diagnosis. In March 2010 his documentary”Un Fueguito” was released. In it were the testimonies of his wife, Celia, and his contributors and partners in Cambridge.  This film was considered of National Interest by the Argentina’s educational institute.

This method is used regularily in the UK as to determine the blood type. This way an MCA against antigen rhesus-D can be employed in pregnant women with negatine Rh when the fetus has an positive Rh. The discovery of MCAs was a very important advance in medicine and biological research  for clinical diagnosis and probably for the treatment of many ilnesses, in which some types of cancer are included.


He was born on the 8th October 1927 and passed away in March the 24th of 2002. In 1957 he participated and was chosen in a contest in order to practise as a researcher  of the National Institute of Microbiology Carlos Malbrán. Short time after, he travelled to Cambridge thanks to a scholarship. In 1983 he was named Chief and director of the Chemical Protein y nucleics acids Division in Cambridge university. Georges J.F Khöler and  Niels K.Jerne helped deveolped these antibodies and gave a boost to the research.


We believe that to some extent this research these scientists developed is crucial for nowadays medical researches since they enable future scientist to further explore the biochemical field. Not only that but they are also a big influence in modern cancer development research and that is extremely important for modern society.

Elvira Morard Ruiz

Candela Jiménez Mercado

1º Bach C

Biografia de César Milstein Premio Nobel de Medicina Argentino



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