Drinking coffee at night

Drinking a double espresso at night may not only keep you awake longer, but could also push you into a whole new time zone, new research suggests.

Night-time caffeine intake delays our body clock by about 40 minutes, suggests a study published in today’s issue of Science Translational Medicine. “Everyone knows caffeine promotes wakefulness and disturbed sleep,” lead author Professor Kenneth P Wright Jr of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at University of Colorado Boulder said. “But there’s another way that caffeine is affecting our physiology that we really hadn’t considered before.” It is well known that caffeine stimulates brain chemicals that keep us awake and blocks those that promote sleep. But previous research in animals has suggested caffeine may also interact with our circadian clock — which affects not just our brain, but the rest of our body, including liver, fat and muscle cells. When we are not in sync with our body clock, we feel sleepy and our body is not primed for eating or being physically active.


Our personal opinion its that if this new will be confirmed, we could drink coffe may push back our body clock and give to us jetlag.

Pablo Dorador Ontiveros

Jesus Sánchez García

Dulce Nombre De María Sáez Martínez



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