Travel by the Sun in ultra-high definition

A NASA’s video realized from photographs taken by the space telescope «Solar Dynamics Observatory», shows how it works the complex electromagnetic of our nearest star:

NASA offers us the opportunity to see the sun comfortably from the sofa in our house, like we’re right there. All this through a video in ultra-high definition 4K, which has posted on its website.

The video is made from images taken by the space telescope “Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)”, according to the online site of NASA, takes pictures from up to ten different wavelengths, each of which helps to highlight the different temperatures of the solar material.

The US space agency added that “The different temperatures can show specific structures of the Sun, such as solar flares, which are gitantescas explosions of light and X-rays or coronal loops, which are streams of solar material traveling up and down, in the form loop by magnetic fields.”

NASA recalled from his web, scientists use these images to study the complex electromagnetic system that causes the constant movement of our star, which can have an effect on the Earth. “The eruptions and other types of solar explosions called coronal loops may, sometimes, affect space technology “, say these experts who see the study of our closest star a way to expand our understanding of the galaxy.

In our opinion this type of publications makes us to understand better questions as: Who we are? and Where we come from? or What causing the aurora bolearis?, besides it offerts us an awesome and beautiful art.

Here NASA’s website ->

By: Raquel Picón Guglieri 1Bach. C

Irene Noguerol Hernández 1Bach. B



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