New robot accelerates cancer treatment research

Cancer is a cronical illness by which a series of harmful cells start to reproduce and destroy healthy tissue. Technically cancer is the name given to the various types of cells which produce this reaction, therefore ther are many types of cancers.Sadly a cure, for this ilness which can result death, hasn’t been yet found.

Nowadayas the treatment of cancer is composed by a large quantity of medical drugs, whose primary effects are benefitial but can secondary reations which aren’t good, at all, ion the contrary, the can be extremely harmful to the human body. The new system this robot presents are able to fid through uncountable combinations of these medical drugs the right treatmnet for each specific cancer.

The main goal for this project is to able to find the right combination of these drugs in order to only kill the harmful cells that affect the tissue without harming in any way the mother cells. Due to the existance of many different types of cancers the other goal to bear in mind is being able to reduce the quantity of pills a cancer patient has to ingest, the robots’ combinations should provide more specific pills for each type of cancer and less number of them.

Actual robots employed in resolving these problems are manuel, scientists are forced to programme them, this new prototipe of robot is on the way of solving this, it is much smarter and automatic which enables a better result in the study of the combination of medical drugs to cure this so-hated ilnness.

To some patients these medicaments are harmful so another goal would be for this robots to create pills to enable the harmed cells to regenerate.

This study was made by Doctor Mats Gustaffson Proffesor of medical bioinformatics at Upssala University.

We believe this study is going to end up in an incredible medical advance. If this were to work, this illlness would finally be defeated, and a huge number of people wouldn’t have to suffer it’s horrible consequences.



María Manzano Alberola ( 1ºBach A)

Elvira Morard Ruiz ( 1º Bach C)



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